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Frequently Asked


  • What size mum or garter should I order?
    This will depend on your desired budget and the grade of the recipient. Generally speaking, homecoming mums grow in size as the student gets higher in grade. Traditionally, Freshman start with a single flower, Sophomores a double flower, Juniors a heart, and Seniors order a quad. While many schools no longer follow the traditional guidelines, we do always recommend starting with a smaller simple design Freshman year to allow for the opportunity to increase each year with the Senior mum being the biggest and boldest of all.
  • What colors should a mum be?
    Underclassmen mums/garters are designed using ribbons in the school's colors plus the coordinating metallic (gold or silver). Traditionally, Seniors mum/garters no longer use school colors and opt for a White/Gold or White/Silver mum depending on their school's metallic accent color. In the 10 years, we have seen a growing increase of Senior's designing mums that reflect their personality and adding in specialty colors to give a fun accent. This creates a one-of-a-kind mum and gives them the ability to choose a color combo that best represents them in a homecoming mum. The possibilities are endless and we are pleased to offer a wide variety of senior specialty colors.
  • What if I don't have a date, can I still order a mum?
    Good rule of thumb: Place an order for a mum even if a date isn't lined up! It is much easier to add a garter last minute, or credit the mum for a future year if not needed for the current year. Girl Moms: We always recommend placing a mum order even if they don't have a date lined up yet, especially if they are a Freshman or Senior. Freshman year is unique because it is new territory and you never want your daughter to feel like they are the only ones without a mum. Senior year is special and typically is given by parents, instead of a date. Boy Moms: If you think your son may ask a date, we recommend placing an order for a "Reservation". This allows you to save a spot on our list and customize the order closer to homecoming. Reservations are not refundable but do transfer to the following year if not needed in the current season.
  • I already ordered a mum and just got asked! No what?
    We run into this scenario quite a bit actually. Boys are notorious for waiting until the week prior to start asking and we have had many frantic boy mom calls. The girl's mom already ordered the mum *because she knows how hard it is to find a mum last minute so was proactive. The boy then asks the girl a few weeks before homecoming, so now what to do? We recommend graciously letting the boy's mom know you already have the mum taken care of and if they'd like to place the garter order through Texas Traditions, it can still be added to match. We then can arrange that they are picked up seperaetly so they can still be exchanged as normal. Or if they prefer to make or order from someone else, we can help to make sure they still coordinate as best as possible.
  • Do you ship mums?
    Unfortunately, we no longer offer shipping on mums due to the nature of their size and inability to rely on shipping carriers. We do have many clients that travel from Houston, San Antonio and Midland/Odessa each year for pickup. We are more than happy to make accommodations for a convenient time outside of our standard pickups for those that traveling.
  • How do I place my order?
    All orders are placed through our ease to use, Online Store. First, you'll determine your budget and find a package in your preferred size. Once selecting the appropriate mum/garter, you'll fill out the online form with all of the customization details needed to make it unique!
  • When will my order be ready for pickup?
    All mum and garter orders are ready for pickup the Sunday/Monday of Homecoming week. After July, orders are completed in order of homecoming schedule, not in the order they are received. If you are needing to pick up your mum early (more than 4+ days before your scheduled homecoming) please contact us before ordering to ensure we can accommodate.
  • When do I need to place my order by?
    We know it is cliche, but as soon as possible. Due to demand, we are limited in the number of orders we can accept each week. We often sell out for the seasons 3-4 weeks before the homecoming date. All orders placed within 14 days notice will incur a $65+ rush fee. If you are ordering within 14 days of homecoming, please verify availability prior to ordering to avoid your order being cancelled/refunded.
  • Can I cancel my order and get a refund?
    Due to the custom nature of homecoming mums, we do not allow orders to be cancelled after 24 hours of order being placed and no refunds will be given. In the event that the students break up/decide to not go together, we can make changes or modifications last minute. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order or a mistake has been made, please notify us ASAP so we can make the necessary adjustments.
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