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Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Mum Or Garter



Before you start, set a budget that you are comfortable spending. Homecoming mums and garters have a large price range depending on how large or detailed of a product you are looking for. We offer a variety of sizes and packages to accommodate many price points. We know having a high school student comes with additional costs, so we do offer payment plans if needed. You may not want to spend as much on a mum for your freshman student as you would want to their senior year. If you don't see something that fits within your budget, please message us so we can come up with a custom offering.



Size is another important aspect when deciding which mum or garter is ideal for you or your student. You may have heard that the student's class determines the size of the mum or garter, which is a traditional way of determining size. For example, Freshman receive a single flower, sophomores receive a double, and juniors a triple mum. However, in the last 5-10 years, the standard has gone wayward and now the amount of flowers is determined by what the student would like. We firmly believe that bigger doesn't always mean better which is why we offer a variety of mum sizes each with their own detailed packages.



Details is what makes the mum! We specialize in elegant details while trying to keep it from looking gaudy Believe it or not, it is possible to create a "chic" looking mum, no matter the size. This is where our unique detail packages come into play. We offer "Classic, Deluxe, Mega and Luxe Mums" in a variety of sizes or flower options. Our Classic collection is our simplest option and most conservative mum package but still results in a lovely mum that is way more than you could get from a craft store. Our Luxe or Boujee collection is ideal for the student that wants a grand over the top mum that will stand out in the crowd.