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At Texas Traditions Mums, our "Mega Mum" Collection is full of all the extras that make a Homecoming Mum truly stand out. Mega Mums are large in size and complete with premium braids, heavyweight boas, bling and bows galore - what we like to call, "The Works!". If you are looking for an over-the-top mum that will stand out, look no further and choose a Mega Mum!

Mega Mums are available in 4 different sizes. The Triple Heart is made with 3 standard 7.25" flowers, while the Quad is made with 4 standard 7.25" flowers. Also, included in the Mega Mum Collection are the Texas Single Mum and Texas Double Mum. Both of these are instead made with Jumbo 10" flowers that truly make a statement! These are great for upperclassman or underclassman that are looking to start off their Homecoming adventures with a bang.

Mega Mums include:

• An extra full ribbon base consisting of 36” length non-fading luster ribbon in school colors

• Premium metallic and specialty ribbon in school colors for additional glitz and glam

•1 7.5” sitting bears - dressed in premium skirt with top and extra large bow 

• Extra large crown around the flower with premium ribbon

• Premium double-layer Homecoming Loops with  Bling Letters

• 2 Custom Cut names

• 2 Activity/Sport Cutout

• 1 Deluxe Military Braid

• 4 Premium Braids

• Bows galore

• Full bling package for a glam look

• 2 Heavyweight Fluffy Boas

*Mega Mum Pricing:

Triple Heart - $345

Quad - $365

Texas Single (Jumbo 10" flower) - $325

Texas Double (Jumbo 10" flower) - $345

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