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If you are looking for a budget-friendly but beautiful mum, our Classic Collection is the right choice for you.

The "Classic Collection" is our simplest mum package, while still being a step above what you would find at the craft stores or elsewhere. Our Classic Mum is ideal for individuals who might not want to stand out but still would like a tasteful and elegant designed mum. Each mum is custom and personalized for the individual that will be receiving and wearing.

This collection is available in three sizes, depending on quanity of flowers desired - Single Mum, Double Mum and Triple Mum.

Each Classic Mum Includes:

  • High-quality standard 6.5" mum flower(s)
  • 36" ribbon base in school colors
  • Metallic and specialty ribbons for additional shimmer and shine
  • Ribbon treatment around crown of flower
  • Homecoming flat ribbon with “Homecoming” Letters
  • 1 Single layer names on flat ribbons 
  • 1 Spirit Ribbon with Trinkets
  • 1 Military Braid
  • 1 Premium Braid
  • 6 Fluffy Handmade Bows
  • 1 Activity OR Sport Cutout
  • 1 Large Bow in flower

***Photos are examples but may have extras/upgrades added. Bears are NOT included in this package. 

Classic Mum Price:

•Single: $135

•Double: $150

•Triple: $165

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